Welcome to my custom plushie website!


My name is Vicky and I’m a game designer from Eastern Canada. At the risk of stating the obvious, plushie making is one of my hobbies.


I’ve been sewing since I was a kid. Got my very first sewing machine at 5: it was a Singer Lockstitch kids sewing machine with a red cover.  I still remember the 2 plushies I made back then: a neck-tie wearing snake and a bear with interchangeable eyes. Unfortunately, they haven’t survived the test of time. Since then, I’ve made a few cosplays and some clothes.


I started making plushies again in 2011 after putting together a tiny Kumagoro (fans of Gravitation out there will recognize the name) for a photoshoot with one of my ball-jointed dolls.






The drawing on this page was made by my awesome and talented friend Danica. Check out some more of her work HERE.

The first few plushies I put together were all hand sewn since my mother’s sewing machine and I couldn’t see eye to eye. Although I loved sewing by hand, time-wise, it was very inefficient. I’ve since purchased a new sewing/embroidery machine and graduated from hand sewing to machine sewing.


I like making plushie versions of pretty much anything. It's always a challenge and always fun!